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Don't Interrupt a Dawg's Meal...

Here is the final sneak peek of I Want You Here! It's not too late to preorder!


I grabbed ahold to his bald head as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. “Ooooh shit!”

It felt so good what he was doing to me, and I’d been fiending for it for the past six months, but I knew that this wasn’t good. He said he wanted to move slowly. This wasn’t slowly. I opened my eyes and took a deep breath then regretfully pulled away from him. My pussy was trying to detach itself from me to get back to him.

He looked up at me as my juices glistened in his beard. The slight frown on his face had me about to cum without him touching me. He looked like he was about to be in beast mode, and there wouldn’t be no coming back from it if he got that far. I brought my hands to my breasts and covered them as I closed my legs. “Chad, we can’t do this. You said you wanted to go slow, remember? I think this is the opposite of that.”

He gripped my ankles and yanked me to him. “I know what I said, but don’t ever interrupt a dawg’s meal again. You gon’ get bit next time.”

The way his lip twitched, that nigga had me questioning whether he had somehow become a real ass dog. He once again lowered his head and lifted my hips slightly so he could watch me while he ate my pussy. I couldn’t handle that shit. My legs were already trembling as he sucked my clit and massaged my ass at the same time. However, when he lifted his head slightly and stuck out that long thick tongue to flick back and forth over my clit, I was done.

I closed my eyes and gripped my nipples as my body convulsed. That shit had my spine and feet tingling like I’d been given a pain shot. Before I could even come down from the high, Chad had pushed inside of me, causing my eyes to pop open. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. It was just like last time. When he wanted me, he took me. Albeit, I went willingly, he took the first step in that direction and never waited for my approval. It was like my body belonged to him.


“Shhhh… fuck! I missed this shit.”

He brought his head to my chest and pulled one of my nipples into his mouth as he fucked me all the way up. His dick had to be the eighth wonder of the world. His girth was everything. I’d had a big dick before, but none quite as thick. His shit could perform a demolition all by itself. This just didn’t feel right though. It felt rushed and just weird. I was being pleased, but my soul didn’t feel right about this.

Maybe I was thinking too much. I began throwing my hips back at him as he brought his hand to my neck and hooked my leg with his other arm. “Lexi fuck! Let this pussy nut for me. Spray this dick, girl.”

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Definite read..Need to read this book..


Juanita Hicks
Juanita Hicks
08 de set. de 2022


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Monica Walters
08 de set. de 2022
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