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Final Sneak Peek from What's It Gonna Be?!

Tomorrow is the day! I hope you are ready for all this ratchedness these two are about to bring to your life. LOL! And they nasty, nasty!

When I heard a light snore come out of lil mama, I knew I was safe to slide out of the bed. I’d already taken a shower and was in my nightshirt. My body was soft against hers and I smelled like flowers, nothing like the hard body of man. I felt like a nurturing mother, something she was probably missing. Poor baby.

I could hear Marcus moving around the kitchen. I’d left a mess in there. He was probably trying to keep himself busy. I knew he had to be nervous about tomorrow. As I made my way out of the room, I quietly closed the door and went to the kitchen. Sure enough, he was putting dishes in the dishwasher. “Aren’t you being all sweet and shit today.”

He chuckled, then closed the dishwasher and started it. “Shut that shit up, Synthia.”

“Make me,” I said as I walked closer to him.

In one swift move, he grabbed me by my neck and pushed me against the refrigerator. “I said shut the fuck up.”

I had to have creamed in my damn underwear. My lips parted and a soft moan left my lips. He couldn’t keep his composure. He chuckled in a low rumble. “That’s a sure sign that yo’ ass is crazy as hell.”

“Mmm hmm. So what’chu gon’ do?”

“Fuck that shit out of you. You can’t get all loud and shit though.”

He slid his hand from my neck to my mouth and smudged my lipstick with his thumb. Right after, he put his lips to mine and kissed me. My knees were weak as hell and had he not lifted me to the countertop, my ass would have hit the floor. Now that we were practically face to face, he reached out and flicked my hard nipples through my night shirt and kissed me again. When he pulled away, he licked my lips. I tried kissing him again, but he pulled away from me.

As he stared at me, he slid his hand between my legs and under my nightshirt. He lightly slid his finger up my crotch, teasing the fuck out of me. “I like your soft ass lips… both sets.”

I dropped my head back against the cabinet door. “Why you teasin’ me though? Just give me the dick.”

He smirked slightly. “Let’s get something straight. You ain’t running shit in this kitchen. This mouth keep going, I’m gon’ shove my dick in it. Only sounds in here gon’ be of you choking on this shit.”

My eyes rolled to the back of my head, but I remained silent. I would gladly shut the fuck up for him. No questions asked. This man had me fucking crazy. When his fingers entered me, I arched my back, preparing for him to finger fuck me to ecstasy. Instead, he pulled his fingers out and tasted me. Watching him lick his fingers, caused my clit to pulse. He pulled me off the countertop and led me to the guestroom in silence. My legs were trembling in desire, thinking of how he would spread them wide.

I was gonna cum a fucking river of anticipation before we even got to the bed. The minute we stepped inside the room, and he’d closed and locked the door, he turned to me and backed me to the wall. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you wanted me to slut yo’ fine ass out right now.”

“It’s sad you don’t know better.”

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Yasss!!!! How did this one have no comments!! Girl!!! I must have been hiding under a few rocks to not have ever read your books, but I damn sure will start reading them now..

Synes godt om
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