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What's It Like Inside Me?

Here is the final sneak peek! Gangsta will be available for your consumption on Friday, 3/8! Go ahead and preorder it now so it can drop in your kindle library at midnight! Here is the preorder link:

Vegas, aka Joel, and Keondra were a whole vibe! Book 15 of the Berotte Family series is everything you were hoping for! Check out the unedited sneak peek!

Lowering to my nipple, he pulled it into his mouth as I slid my fingers through his damp hair. As I grabbed it, holding on for dear life, he lifted me and slammed me into the door. My eyes widened at his roughness, but still, no words left me… just the wind he practically knocked out me. After breaking the clasp of my pants, he slid his hand inside and went straight to my entry. He slid his fingers inside, causing my eyes to flutter shut and a soft moan to escape me.

He had to have remembered every groove of my pussy, because in less than a minute, my orgasm rained down. “Ooooh shiiiit!”

He withdrew his fingers and pulled me away from the door. I wrapped my legs around him as he walked toward the kitchen. When he sat me on the island, he swiftly yanked my pants and thong off then picked me up again, lowering me on his raw dick. “Shit, baby! This some good shit.”

I was in shock. He was talking to me. I was trying to remain disconnected, but it was a struggle. After that, I couldn’t help but ask, “What’s it like inside me?”

His low eyes bore into mine as he walked to the nearest wall. Pushing me against it, he stroked me slowly and let out the most salacious moan I’d ever heard. “Like the rainforest in Puerto Rico… hot, wet, exciting, beautiful. A fucking paradise, baby.”

My breathing quickened as he leaned in and kissed my lips. I slid my tongue to his and relaxed completely in the side of him he was giving me. He gripped my ass as he pulled away and asked, “How my dick feel to you?”

“Mmm… too good for words.”

“Try to find some, Keondra. Tell me what I feel like.”

I dropped my head back against the wall and rolled my hips onto him. “Like a beautiful fucking disaster. Gentle enough to have me cumming the Nile and rough enough to destroy me from the inside out. I feel like a fucking fiend, Joel. Ooooohh, fuck!”

I squirted all over him, and he gripped my neck and began fucking me like he had to live up to my words describing his abilities. My nails sank into him, and my screams were loud and uncontained. He pulled me away from the wall and walked down a hallway. When we entered the room, he literally threw me to the bed and slid between my legs.

His tongue touched my clit, and I felt like I levitated. My back arched so hard that shit sent me right into back spasms. I dropped my arch completely, and Joel flipped me over, gliding his large hands up and down my back, soothing my pain. “Breathe, Keondra.”

His lips graced my lower back then my ass. The way his hands were caressing me had me in my fucking feelings big time. My eyes watered, and I buried my face into his mattress. I refused to let this nigga see me cry. He lifted my hips slightly and began eating me out from the back. When he paused, I lifted my head and looked back at him.

“You smell good, baby. You went home first?” he asked.

“Yeah. I had to shower.”

He nodded then went back to pleasing me. However, when his tongue slid up the crack of my ass, I knew why he asked that question. He was eating out the groceries, making me squirm uncontrollably. The way he kept calling me baby was taking me places I wasn’t sure I wanted to go. If I knew he would be going to those places with me, I would gladly be free in my emotions. This was just a fuck… a good ass fuck. I was brought back to the present when he smacked my ass then shoved his big ass dick inside of me.

I lifted my hips more, trying to give him the perfect arch as he rearranged my insides. God! He was fucking me hard, and my body loved that shit. “Jooooeell, fuck!”

“Yeah, baby. You creaming all over my dick. Fuck!”

He lifted my leg, causing me to fall to my side and continued fucking my life up. What made it worse was his gaze. This was something he’d refused to do earlier. He stared into my soul as his dick dragged me to hell and back. Then it dawned on me. He was high as fuck. Completely sober Joel was a jackass. That realization didn’t diminish how I was feeling now though. I knew it would help me understand why he would probably ghost my ass after this though. Fuck him.

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