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Final Sneak Peek of Beautiful Mistake

This final sneak peek will have your blood boiling, but it will also give you insight on what's in store for you. Pure mess... LOL. This won't be a romantic read, but it will be the prelude to one. Bear with me and I will wrap all this chaos up in a box and put a pretty bow on top of it by February. Enjoy this final sneak peek before the book drops on Tuesday. It's not too late to preorder.

Here's the link:

I couldn’t even get my shorts all the way off before I was diving in her shit. “Ahh fuck!”

I couldn’t contain myself. It felt like a genie had granted my final fucking wish. A muthafucka could take me out right now and I would be just fine with dying. Feeling her pussy again felt like a dream. I couldn’t take it easy on her either. I didn’t think she wanted me to anyway. I pushed her knees to her shoulders and plunged in her shit like it was giving me life. That shit practically was though. Listening to her screams of passion only made me go harder.

I couldn’t keep my thoughts to myself as I usually did. I had to verbalize what I was feeling. “Fuck! This pussy has gotten even better, baby.”

“Better with time… shit!”

Her pussy started spasming, so I slowed down to get a glimpse of the action, only to see her erupting her creamy goodness all over my dick. “I want you to cum so much until it look like somebody sprayed whip cream on this shit.”

I pulled out of her and sat on the couch and pulled her to me. Her nasty ass went to her knees though and sucked every bit of her cream from my dick. I grabbed a handful of her hair and watched her make my shit almost disappear. Feeling her throat tighten around me was like heaven, and watching her gag had that nigga the hardest he’d been since the last night I was with her.

When I threaded my fingers through her hair, she grabbed my wrist and released my dick. The saliva fell from her lips as she said, “Quit being all sensitive and shit. Knock my fucking tonsils out of place.”

I frowned slightly, because her words had me ready to fire off down her throat. Gripping her hair tightly, I thrusted my hips upward, shoving my dick right down her fucking throat. When I felt like I couldn’t prolong that shit any more, I pulled her from it and nutted all over her titties and mouth. She licked her lips clean, then resumed her skills until I was hard again.

She stood, then straddled me and slid down my dick slowly as I rubbed my nut in her skin. Giving her ass two quick slaps, I said, “Show me what the past eighteen years done taught you.”

She rolled her hips as her pussy squeezed me, like it was holding on for dear life. After staring at me for a moment, she closed her eyes, then brought her feet to the couch and began bouncing on my shit. “Kai! Oh my God!”

I pinched her nipple with one hand and gripped her ass with the other, wishing I would have never left…

Wishing she could have had my baby…

Wishing she was my wife…

I found myself wishing that I had all the shit Shawn had with her. That only made me angry. Not at him or her, but at myself. As my face twitched, trying to deal with the anger I was feeling, I began thrusting my hips into her, gut checking that cervix with every jab. “Cum on this dick, Sonya,” I said calmly as she screamed.

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