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First Sneak Peek from Love Long Overdue

This book is a spin-off of Nobody Else Gon' Get My Love. If you remember Sakina Campbell, the independent cougar, then you are good to go. If not, read that book before this one releases on the 8th! You can also preorder this one!

I stood from my seat as Sakina shook her head slowly. I literally danced my way to him, just as I said I would… a sexy lil two-step I’d learned a while ago. When I got close to him, I began subtly shaking my ass as I promised Sakina I would. Glancing over my shoulder, I could see him watching and taking it all in. That Trey Songz look alike could get it all. Everything from his tanned skin tone to that sexy-ass smile made me want to pay his rent.

Making my way even closer to him, I extended my hand to him. “Wah gwan, handsome. Dance with me.”

I’d only said hello to him in my Jamaican dialect. Although I knew he probably didn’t understand me, I figured it didn’t matter. He licked his lips and stood to his feet, joining me on the dance floor, as “Murder She Wrote” blared through the speakers. I twerked my ass all over him and surprisingly he was hanging with me. I bet he could fuck, and I couldn’t wait to find out.

When he slid his hands to my hips, I could feel the goosebumps pop up on my skin. Gawd! This man was an aphrodisiac all by himself… no other substance was needed. As the song ended, I turned to him and said, “Mi name Jamila Campbell. Wah yuh name?”

My eyes caressed his body as he licked his lips. I already knew his name, but I wanted to hear it from him. “Sup, lil baby. I’m Kyle. Liam’s older brother.”

His voice was so sexy… so smooth and even toned. Sliding my hand down his chest to his hands, I interlaced our fingers and brought my eyes up to his. “Mek wi leave.”

I felt extremely sexy, and I wanted him to feel my island vibes, so I was sure to lay my accent and dialect on him heavy. “Lead the way, gorgeous.”

I bit my bottom lip, then turned to my mother, Cedella, and winked. She knew what that meant. I needed her to watch my baby girl. She was supposed to be spending the night with her anyway, but I was leaving earlier than I’d intended. Pulling him with me to my car, my body felt like it was about to go up in flames. When we got to it, I knew I needed to explain myself a bit.

I decided to forgo using my Jamaican dialect, because I had to be sure he understood every word I said. Turning to him, I began. “I know this seems crazy, but I’m insanely attracted to you. I know you live in the states. I just need to be touched… feel sexy and appreciated… fucked. Nothing more. Besides, the distance is far too great to even worry about getting to know one another. You cool with that?”

He licked his lips and stepped closer to me. “I’m cool with that, fa sho’.”

I smiled slightly, then pulled him close to sample the goods… those thick-ass lips. When our lips touched, it was like magic happened. He’d immediately cast me under a spell. I pulled away from him and hummed in satisfaction. “Let’s go.”

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