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First Sneak Peek of Better the Second Time Around!

Here is the first sneak peek... a glimpse into who Chrissy Henderson has become after all the drama in Let Me Ride. BTW, if you haven't read Let Me Ride, you might want to do that before this drops May 7th. This book is a spin-off of that one.

In this release, you get almost everything I'm known for. You get country hood, seasoned zaddy, and a BBW! It can't get no better than that! Enjoy this unedited excerpt of Better the Second Time Around.

I sat beside him and I could feel my head spin slightly. He smiled wider and I was sure he noticed. Sitting back on the couch, I cleared my throat. “Your daughter didn’t visit long.”

He chuckled, but not like something was funny. “Naw. We actually got into an argument, but it’s cool. I’ve come to expect that from her. I don’t really care to talk about her though. Let’s talk about this high you feeling.”

I giggled, but quickly tried to compose myself. That only made him laugh. “Naw, gon’ and relax in it.”

He gently brushed my twist away from my face as I stared up at him. I swore he was glowing. This man had to be number four, right under the holy trinity: the Father, the son, the Holy Ghost, and LaKeith. My breathing was shallow as I stared up at him. He put his arm around me, and I melted in his arms. “Mmm,” I moaned. “This feels good.”

He remained quiet as he gently stroked my arm. When his lips touched my head, I looked up at him and gently kissed his lips. My eyes had to have rolled to the back of my head. My body was so damn sensitive. As I laid on his chest, I slipped off my shoes and brought my feet to the couch. “Mama, I’m gonna go to Aunt Jenahra’s house and play the game with Jacob.”

“Okay, baby.”

I took that opportunity to grab the remote and turn on the TV. When he left out, I looked up at LaKeith. “You are so damn handsome.”

I cleared my throat and turned away from him when I realized I’d said that aloud. Storm was right. I was high as a giraffe's ass. My normally reserved personality was on hiatus and the rebellious side of me was feeling free as a bird. Everything in me wanted to straddle LaKeith with my five-foot-eight frame… all two hundred sixty pounds of me. I wanted him to grab my ass and rub it like it belonged to him. In this moment it did belong to him.

My body craved attention and he was the most likely candidate to give me that. I’d only been with one man in my life, but it was time for me to explore the other options available to me. When I looked back at LaKeith, he had a serious expression on his face. “Straddle me then.”

I frowned at him. “Did I say that aloud?”

I was starting to panic, and I could feel the moisture on my forehead. He chuckled, then pulled me to him and grabbed my leg pulling me across his lap. “Now what, beautiful? You still want me to grab your ass like it belongs to me?”

I was speechless and my eyes closed involuntarily. When his hands slid down my back to my ass, I had to have orgasmed on myself.

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