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First Sneak Peek of Put That on Everything

These Hendersons are my favorite family to write about and I can't wait for y'all to get this novella. Although it's short, it's packed with drama and laughs. You will get to hear from all 8 of them. That's right... All 8, along with the seven spouses. This first peek is from Storm Henderson! Enjoy!

“WJ, why you was acting all sensitive and shit? You look like you was about to cry when Liv said her vows.”

“Shut the fuck up, Storm. Vee is my woman… she’s the only one I’m gonna be sensitive around… well, her and my daughters. But I’ll whoop yo’ ass. And any other of you muthafucking farmers wanna talk some shit.”

We fell out laughing at him imitating Eddie Murphy from the movie, Life. “A’ight, Ray Gibson. We hear you,” Jasper said as he laughed.

It was time for the garter toss, so WJ headed to the middle of the floor, and I was right behind him since I was one of his best men. When I got to the chair and Liv had to sit on my leg, I gave WJ an evil smile as I slid my arm around her waist. “Watch yo’self, nigga,” WJ said, causing everyone to laugh.

I loved fucking with him… shit with mostly all my siblings. But him, Jen, and Chrissy were more fun to fuck with because most times they thought I was serious. “Get off my daddy!” SS yelled.

I slightly rolled my eyes at his outburst, but for some reason, Jen thought it was extra funny. “Like father, like son. Storm you said the same thing to Aunt Reesie when she sat on Daddy’s knee.”

I could only laugh. Aunt Reesie was Malachi’s mother. I remembered her and Uncle Thomas getting married, but I didn’t remember my outburst. After WJ retrieved the garter and Vee stood from my lap, I went straight to my beautiful wife. She’d worked her ass off getting ready for the wedding. She had the twins helping too… against their will of course. They were almost ten years old now and their mouths had gotten more reckless.

They were definitely chips off the old block… in the worst way. However, they knew to only push so far with me and their mother. They’d finally started to only butt up to the boundaries instead of crossing them. SS was like a damn gangsta sometimes. He wasn’t disrespectful, but he didn’t tolerate what he thought was bullshit. Maui was still the mild one of the bunch, but she could hold her own. She was a flower girl in the wedding and was helping out with the festivities afterward as well. “Hey, baby. You tired?”

“Hell yeah. This was some work.”

Aspen and Chasity had coordinated the wedding and had to deal with all our personalities at once. Aspen had to be built for the job if she dealt with me on a daily basis. But she was mild-mannered like Jasper. However, Chasity was gangsta like me. It was like Jasper and I had married women whose personalities were the total opposite of ours.

“Don’t worry, babe. I’m gon’ take excellent care of you tonight. The kids are going to Mama and Daddy’s house. I knew you would need the quiet time.”

“I need more than quiet time.”

I bit my bottom lip. “Hell yeah. Me too, baby. I’m gon’ give you every minute of pleasure you can handle.”

I frowned up when she didn’t giggle like she normally did when I talked about fucking her insides up. “I’m gonna need a therapist or counselor too.”

I frowned even harder as she fidgeted slightly. “Look at me. What’s wrong? Somebody fucking with yo’ mental? You know I don’t play that shit… not about you. I don’t give a fuck who it is.”

“Even if it’s you?”

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Wow!!! This is about to get hella intense..Whew!!!


19 de set. de 2021

Now what have Storm done? I can't wait!

Monica Walters
Monica Walters
19 de set. de 2021
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