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Forbidden Fruit is BACK!!

Rerelease now AVAILABLE!

Forbidden Fruit is back on Amazon! Get into this steamy, erotic romance and fall in love with Vashti and Jedrek! 🔥


Vashti Levine, daughter of two prominent doctors, is the opposite of everything she’s expected to be. Because of that her parents, namely her father, holds the reigns of her life pretty tight. At twenty-four years old, she’s still treated like a teenager, having to ask permission to even leave the house. Educationally, she’s done everything they’ve required, but they still won’t allow her to live her life. This is the main reason for her rebellion. Enjoying her sexual freedom when she can, she stumbles upon Jedrek Harris. He makes her feel things she’s never felt, but she insists that he isn’t a long-term option.

Jedrek Harris hasn’t had the world given to him. In fact, he’s working to give his mother the world his dad died trying to give. Going to school and working to get him and his mother out the ghetto has been his main priority until he sees Vashti Levine. Her aura draws him in, and when he finds out that she isn’t as off limits as he thinks, he makes a leap, trying to convince her that with him is where she should be.

When they meet, it’s automatic combustion, lust at first sight, despite their noticeable differences. Obstacles from trying to obtain forbidden fruit, causes some turmoil. The two of them play tug of war with their emotions, trying to avoid the inevitable. Will Jedrek be able to convince Vashti, that despite their differences, they are destined to be?

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