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Game Over...

Here is the final sneak peek! There's still time to preorder. Alexz and Axton played plenty of games, but when it came down to it, they were only fighting the inevitable. And they were so NASTY! LOL! Here's the link for the preorder. Enjoy!

He left the bed to stand on the side of it as he stared at me, waiting for what I would do. I crawled to him and licked the tip of his dick. It hopped in excitement as I stared up at him. A smirk made its way to his lips, but I was about to knock that shit off in just a second. I brought my lips over his dick and slowly sucked him in a little at a time. With each stroke of my mouth, I took what had to be another inch until I could take no more.

I shook my head, allowing his dick to play ping pong with my tonsils then recklessly bobbed on his shit. He grabbed my hair and pulled me from his dick, the thick saliva falling from my mouth as I stared up at him. He didn’t say a word, but the frown on his face said everything I needed him to. He bit his bottom lip and allowed me to get back to the task at hand. I applied as much suction as my jaws would allow, knowing they would be tingling when I was done, as I sucked his dick for all I knew it had to be worth.

He jutted his hips forward, jabbing the back of my throat, nearly causing me to die. “That’s the contracting I need. Gag on this dick, Alexz.”

Say less, nigga. He wanted gagging? I would give him all he could handle. I gagged with nearly every bob, causing him to grip my hair once again and grunt uncontrollably. I stared up at him then slid my hands to his ass pulling him in deeper, giving him permission to fuck my shit up. His eyes narrowed, and he began stroking my mouth as I brought my hand to my pussy. When he realized what I was doing, he withdrew his dick. “Let me take care of that shit for you.”

He rolled me to my back forcefully, widened his stance, and dropped his dick down my fucking throat then bent over and slurped my clit into his mouth. This shit was turning me on so much I was nearly at the point of no return already. He lifted my legs and practically swallowed my entire pussy. I wanted to scream so fucking bad. Doing my best to concentrate on my technique, I massaged his balls, then applied pressure right beneath them, causing him to flood my mouth without warning. “Fuck!” he yelled after releasing my pussy from his mouth’s grasp.

I continued sucking his dick and swallowed nearly every drop until he withdrew from my mouth. “Got damn, baby. Let me get at this pussy right.”

He went to his nightstand and got a condom, quickly strapping up and joining me back in the bed. Going to his knees, he slid his dick over my pussy as I lifted my hips. He popped my ass, causing me to hiss in excitement. “You’ll get this dick in just a minute. Let me get a sugar rush right quick.”

It was like my shit gushed at his words. I thought Jerrick turned me on. His ass wasn’t shit compared to Axton. It could have been because we’d established somewhat of an emotional connection already. Our feelings were involved. With Jerrick, it was just fucking. My heart was soft toward Axton, especially after knowing what he was dealing with. It seemed my pussy shared those sentiments as well.

He leaned over and said in a low voice, “She so fucking pretty. It’s a shame how I’m finna fuck her up.”

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Hahaha!!! Love the last comment!!! can't wait to read this one!!!!

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