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Give it to Me...

Force of Nature is coming 2/10, and I couldn't be more excited for y'all to get it! Ali was nobody to play with, but I can't wait until y'all get to meet a side of him that you haven't been previously exposed to. It's available for preorder!

Enjoy the unedited excerpt!

She obviously didn’t pay attention to her surroundings. I’d been watching her for ten minutes, and she hadn’t bothered to look around the bar at all. I stood from my seat and grabbed my glass, making my way to her. She finally looked up when I was nearly sitting in the stool next to her. “Mr. Joseph, hi.”

“What’s up, Ms. Domingue? Call me Ali.”

She nodded nervously. “Call me Riley.”

I nodded in return as she asked, “Are you staying here at the hotel?”

“Naw. I was waiting to see you.”

I turned to her and stared into her eyes. She was nervous as hell and her cheeks were turning pink. “See me? Umm… why?”

I frowned slightly. “I figured you would prefer my company over Terry Griffin’s,” I said as I tilted my head in his direction.

He was walking toward the entrance but had caught a glimpse of her. He was about to head her direction until he saw me sit next to her. Riley turned her head to see him. She turned back to me and smiled. “Yeah. I always have old men flirting with me. Ugh!”

I bit my bottom lip, debating within myself on whether I would be straight forward with her or not, but then I decided to just go for it. If she didn’t bite, then I wouldn’t be like Terry Griffin. I would take a step back. “I’m not that old. Just thirty-four.”

She stared over at me. “Huh?”

“You said old men are always flirting with you. I’m not old, baby. I’m trying to get to know you.”

She fidgeted nervously. I glanced down at her leg to see it bouncing. “Mm. I didn’t realize you were flirting, Mr. Joseph.”

“Ali,” I said as I slid my fingertip down her arm.

The goosebumps invaded her flesh. I stared back up at her and continued, “I don’t show attention to women I’m not interested in. The flirting was subtle and just seemed like I was being nice and doing my job. I’m not a nice person, Riley, but I can surely be nice to you.”

Her body shuddered, and she looked extremely uncomfortable. I backed away and took another sip of my drink while I waited on her response. She downed her glass of wine and asked for another as I appeared to be staring at my drink. My peripheral was a beast. I could scope out the entire bar without directly looking at anyone.

“I’m attracted to you too, Ali.”

I turned to her and bit my bottom lip then smiled at her. When I grabbed her hand, she smiled. “Why do I have a feeling you know more about me than I do about you?” she asked.

“Because I do. I don’t step into any meeting or interaction blindly. I’m a private investigator. If possible, I check out anybody I’m meeting beforehand.”

She leaned into me slightly and stared up at me. “So what did you find out?” she asked softly.

My dick sprang up like she’d put her thick ass lips on him. She glanced down at him but didn’t seem the least bit surprised. She knew she was sexy and that she had that sex appeal to cause that reaction in men. I leaned in closer to her too, showing her that I can be a tease too.

“You’re thirty-five, have a four-year-old daughter. You ain’t as cultured and refined as you portray. You just as hood as me. You like bad boys, and I’m turning you the fuck on. If you staying here tonight, let me take care of that fire you feeling on the inside. Although, if I have you, you gon’ definitely want me again. I have the feeling that being with you once will be impossible too.”

I slid my hand up her thigh as her lips brushed against mine. It took a lot to not grip the back of her neck and kiss her. She slid her fingertips over my neck, studying my tattoos. My entire body was covered, except my face and feet. My hand made its way up her thigh as her fingers went on a journey of their own.

She’d gotten to the front of my neck and had slid them to my beard. My dick was begging to be put out his misery. It had been a while since he’d been within anyone’s walls. She licked her lips and said, “It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way about anybody. Something about you draws me to you. There’s a darkness with you, and it only makes me wanna know more, but something tells me that you won’t be forthcoming with anything about you.”

“That’s those street smarts coming through. What’s up though? You gone let me come to your room, baby?”

I kissed her neck then gently bit her earlobe. Something was telling me she would handle my dick like it had never been handled, and I was all for that shit. “I don’t know you, Ali. I’m not a fast mover like that. I need to know more about you,” she said then let out a slight moan.

“I’ll tell you whatever you wanna know while I’m stroking your pussy. Give it to me, Riley.”

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I need to read this book!!! Girl, I'm going to have to read this entire series...Starting with Book 1 and work my way to Book 10 to find out more about Riley and Ali..


Well damn Ali... You can have it! Whew! 💦🔥

Monica Walters
Monica Walters
Feb 05, 2023
Replying to


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