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Handle Up...

Gangsta came as a surprise to you AND me! LOL! Vegas has finally gotten a story. SMH. His real name is Joel, by the way. Y'all bullied me into it! LOL! So since y'all wanted it so badly, I need you to run these preorders up! Click that link!

Here is the first unedited sneak peek! Enjoy!

I turned the water off and got out of the shower to see her sitting on the countertop, pleasuring herself. I tilted my head slightly. I made my way to her and pushed her hand out of the way, inserting my fingers in her tight pussy. Her eyelids fluttered shut, and she moaned. Withdrawing my fingers, I brought them to my lips to sample the goods. There was no way my mouth would grace that part of her if I didn’t like the way she tasted.

I closed my eyes as my palate got acclimated. Eating pussy wasn’t something I engaged in often. I couldn’t be licking on everybody. They didn’t all deserve that much enthusiasm. However, Keondra’s taste was just as decadent as she looked. I slid my arms under her legs, showing her that my huge biceps weren’t for nothing and lifted her until her pussy was on my lips. Walking to the nearest wall, I propped her against it and ate her shit like it was a fresh pot of smothered oxtails. I was doing my best to suck the meat right off the bone.

She was squirming and moaning as she gripped my hair. Her legs had begun trembling that quickly, and she was trying to close them. “Keep your legs open before I break those muthafuckas,” I said against her pussy.

When my lips grabbed ahold of her clit and I sucked it into my mouth, she creamed on my lips, then yelled out, “Jooooeeelll!”

That shit almost made me fire off without her ass. Her orgasm had touched down. I continued sucking and slid my fingers inside of her to make her water. Every woman had the ability of squirting if they were turned on enough and had the right nigga to bring that shit out of them. I had a couple of broads that still had my line on fire because of that shit, blowing a nigga up.

My fingers slowly massaged her G-spot as she rolled her hips against my lips, and when I saw a little leak out of her, I pulled away and watched her squirt all over my chest. That shit poured from her like a damn waterfall as she screamed obscenities. I wanted to shove my dick in her so bad, but my shorts were in the front room on the floor. I yanked her from the wall and made my way to the front and sat her on the table.

Going to my pants, I pulled my wallet from my pocket, then took the condom from it. After throwing it back to the floor and quickly strapping up, I went to where I left her and picked her up. She already looked spent, but when I lowered her on my dick, her eyes widened then closed as her pussy spasmed around me.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and dug her nails into my back. “Joel! Oh shit!”

I stared at her as I fucked her beautiful ass like it would be the last time. There wasn’t a tender moment in sight. I just wanted to fuck up the way she walked then head back to my room to shower for the turn up tonight. Her pussy was something fierce though. That shit was so tight, it had me feeling like I wanted to nut already. I didn’t understand why I even cared to make it last since she’d gotten hers already.

She began throwing the pussy at me, so I spun around and leaned against the wall, my hips jutted forward. Once I released her legs, she wrapped them around me and began grinding on my dick… slow as fuck. That shit felt so fucking good. I couldn’t help but release a slight grunt.

I grabbed her neck roughly and pulled her to me, doing something I vowed I wouldn’t do. I kissed her, giving her my tongue that was doused in her flavor. She obliged me, giving me hers in return. I lowered my other hand to her ass and popped the shit out of it, inciting her next orgasm, scaring the shit right out of her.

“Joel, fuck!”

I closed my eyes and dropped my head back, enjoying the shit I was feeling. She gripped my hair and rode the fuck out of my dick until I blasted off into the latex. That was the best shit I had gotten in a long time. Listening to our pants, I couldn’t help but voice my satisfaction. “Fuck.”

She slid from me and went straight to her knees, pulling the condom from me. “I hope you ain’t a one-hitta quitta. I’m not done with you.”

My dick was still standing at attention as I said, “No need to doubt what’s right in your face. Handle up.”

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