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Spread Them Legs...

The final sneak peek from I'm The Remedy is here! This book is gonna have you hollering. Shyron and Brittany's chemistry is strong as hell, which was why Shy was so damn impatient. LOL! There is still time to preorder if you haven't yet. Here's the link: The book will drop 7/1, at midnight if you preordered. Enjoy the excerpt!

My body hadn’t felt so open and ready in a long time. There wasn’t a nervous bone in my body about this and that was saying a lot. I lowered my hands to the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head, causing him to separate our kiss. When I beheld all that caramel goodness he called skin, my panties got even wetter. He licked his lips as he stared at me, then pulled his boxers off over his erection.

As if I wasn’t already at the point of no return, seeing his dick only caused my mouth to water. It was just as big as I thought it was. I was hoping that I would even be able to take all of it. Before I could focus on it, he’d pulled me to a sitting position and pulled my shirt over my head as well. After I fell back to the bed, Shy pulled off my leggings and underwear in one swoop. A small moan escaped me. He was becoming more aggressive in his journey to conquering the task at hand, and surprisingly, I was good with that.

Once he got them completely off, he said, “Spread them legs, Britt. Let me see how beautiful that pussy is.”

Why was he like this? I felt like I was about to cum just at his words. I set my feet flat on the bed and spread my legs as he requested. He grabbed his dick and stroked it. “Just like I thought. Let me see you slide your fingers in that gushy shit.”

I masturbated at times, but I’d never done it with someone watching me. Sensing my hesitancy, he said, “Show me how to please you. I’m not trying to figure that shit out through trial and error. I wanna be right on it when my tongue strokes it.”

I gushed again, and I realized he’d noticed, because he frowned and bit his bottom lip. When his eyes met mine, I slid my had to my treasure and began flicking my bud back and forth then making circles around it. Shy lowered himself to the bed, his head right between my legs, watching my every move. When I felt his tongue on my fingers, my body temperature increased, and my heart rate took off for the races.

He hadn’t touched the flesh of my fruit yet, but the anticipation was killing me. After I whispered his name, he pulled my fingers away and sucked them clean as my legs trembled. “I just needed a quick tutorial. I wanna do the work to get you there. I promise you, I’m gon’ feel ten times better than your fingers.”

“Well stop teasing me and get to it,” I said, surprising even myself.

He looked up at me with a smirk on his lips. “Mm hmm. I’m gon’ make you try to run from me. I hope you as ready as you think you are.”

With that, he dived into my overly ripened fruit and sucked me right into an orgasm. He was a quick learner. Just as he said, after I came, I was trying to push him away. It hadn’t even been three minutes. He delivered two swift pops to my ass and continued devouring me while I squirmed and twitched uncontrollably. “Oh my God, Shy! Oh my God.”

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Yassss!!!!! Fire!!!


Well, If I had not already been a fan of your writing, I would now. Shyron and Britt are gonna burn these pages up. I've preoredered long ago. I'm just waiting.

Monica Walters
Monica Walters
Jun 26, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much! 🥰❤️😘

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