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Tell Me How You Taste...

Here in another unedited sneak peek from Hard To Love, book 14 of the Berotte Family Series. This will be the last one for a while. You won't be left trying to guess what everyone is doing. It is complete! The book will be available 5/12, but you can preorder now at the following link.


I frowned and was ready to spit venom until I felt his hand sliding down my body. My breathing went on hiatus as his hand slid inside my shorts and gripped my ass. He leaned into me and lightly bit my earlobe. “I don’t hear you, Dinalee. I need an apology.”

“What will happen if you don’t get one?”

“Then I will fuck you into submission. You gon’ give it to me without a doubt.”

“Well, consider me a mute from here on out, because I want that action.”

He lifted his head and frowned harder. That shit only made me wetter. I didn’t know how I went from being angry to being turned on in a matter of seconds, but here I was… sopping wet and ready to be taken advantage of. Lowering his head, he bit my neck, causing me to hiss, then pulled away and took my shirt off.

I grabbed his hand and led him to my bedroom, just in case Ramón came back quicker than he’d said. When we entered, he immediately took off his shirt then dropped his shorts and drawers. He went to my bathroom and started the shower since we’d been outside almost all day. While he was in there, I came out of the rest of my clothing.

When he came back, he stood still and stared at me. “See, you really trying me today, woman. First, you threw your attitude in my face, then you hopped out of my truck like you didn’t have a whole kingly nigga sitting next to you, and now you being disrespectful by taking the wrapping off my meal. That’s strike three on yo’ ass.”

He came close to me and smacked my bare ass, then lifted me in his arms. I wrapped my legs around him, and I felt his dick bobbing around my opening. When I tried to slide down the tip of it, he lifted me higher. “You ain’t running shit. Just brace yourself for what’chu finna get.”

My entire body was hot, and it was getting harder and harder not to say anything. “Rondo, take me.”

“Oh, you can talk now? If you ain’t apologizing, don’t say shit else. Shut the fuck up and take this discipline how I’m handing that shit out.”

I bit my bottom lip as he went to my nipple and pulled it in his mouth. When he sank his teeth into it, I yelped. “Rondooo!”

He smacked my ass again and slid me right down his dick, taking my fucking breath away. He began walking to the bathroom, and when we got into the shower, he practically slammed me against the wall and started fucking my cervix up. I screamed so loud even he flinched. I sank my nails in his back and hung on for the ride.

The pain I felt was no match to the pleasure, and I was on the verge of exploding all over his dick. He gripped my ass and repeatedly slammed me on it while staring at me with that sexy ass frown on his face. This shit was criminal. He was assaulting my body so fucking good, instead of reporting his ass, I was willing to look the other way.

He slowed his assault but maintained the powerful thrusts. I opened my eyes as I panted, staring right into his eyes. With every thrust, he took my damn breath away, pushing that shit right out of me. The goosebumps filled my body, and the water filled my eyes. This man was so fucking gorgeous. If I stared at him long enough, he could get whatever he wanted out of me.

He sped up his pace once again, causing me to slide up and down the wall. I had no control. The way he had my legs pinned to my body, there was nothing I could do to get away. I just had to take every blow he delivered. My body began trembling, and I knew I was about to let him have it. The urge to piss was strong as hell, so I knew he was about to get everything my body had to offer.

I screamed out my release as he fucked the hell out of me. “Mm fuck!” he yelled, finally saying something.

He’d been completely quiet while he practically destroyed my insides, rearranging the shit to make room for the pipe he was laying. The tears fell down my cheeks as my body unleashed its flavor once again. As I came hard, literally scratching the fuck out of him, I screamed, “I’m sorry, Rondo! Shit! I’m so fucking sorry, baby.”

He pulled me off his dick and set me on the floor. “Show me. Tell me how you taste. Give me your rave reviews.”

I pulled him into my mouth as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. “Damn. If your eyes rolling and shit, we need to get cleaned up so I can taste that shit for myself.”

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