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This My Shit Now...

Coming 2/21 is my second release with Urban Books, Full Figured 18. This book contains two stories, one by me and another by Treasure Hernandez. My story is titled Love Won't Let Me Wait. This is the story the sneak peek will come from. The ebook is available for preorder at the following link. It will also be available in audiobook as well as online with retailers such as Target and Barnes & Noble. Enjoy the final excerpt!

She moaned as I pulled at her thong. I was desperate as shit now. I began pulling off my clothes while she allowed her top to drop to the floor. She was standing in front of me wearing only a thong and heels, so I was definitely overdressed. By the time I came out of my pants, she was twirling around the pole again. However, when she stopped, she stared at me in all my naked glory, my dick in my hand.

She licked her lips then began pulling her thong off. “Ford…”

“Yeah, baby?” I said in a low voice.

“I want you to have me… inhabit me… consume me… devour me. Don’t waste a drop.”

My dick was ready to spit more precum. It was oozing from the head. Just as I was about to wipe it away, she went to her knees and licked it, causing me to shiver. When her mouth covered the head of my dick I wanted to scream like a bitch. Feeling her soft lips around me made every day of celibacy worth it. Although my celibacy wasn’t intentional, I’d accepted it for what it was. Since I wasn’t willing to sleep with just anybody, I had no choice but to embrace the life.

I slowly slid more of my dick in her mouth as she stared up at me. When her hand toyed with my balls, a shiver bolted through me. “Shit,” I said as I watched the saliva fall from her lips.

Putting her hands on my ass, she pushed me further into her mouth. When the suction noises came from her mouth and her slight gagging caused her throat to close in around the head of my dick, I lost it. “I’m about to nut. Fuck!”

When I released, she removed me from her mouth and allowed my cum to shoot on her chest. “Ahh fuck!” I verbalized.

That was a huge load, so it was probably a good thing she didn’t try to swallow it. I helped her to her feet, then lifted her. She held onto me for dear life like she was scared I was gonna drop her. “Gi, I gotchu, baby. Yo’ man is very capable of handling all of you. Let me show you.”

When I laid her on the bed, she rubbed my nut in her skin and lifted one of her breasts to lick the residuals from her nipple. I lifted her legs and spread them wide, then lowered my face to her glistening pussy. It was slick with her juices, ripe, and ready to be devoured. I went all in, indulging all at once. There wasn’t any taste-testing done. I already knew that her flavor would be intoxicating.

Just as I expected, I enjoyed her taste. I slurped her juices as I gently sucked the inner parts of her lips, then made my way to her clit. Teasing her with my tongue as she moaned, I swirled it around her clit like she was twirling around that pole, occasional stopping to suck it into my mouth. After sliding two of my fingers inside of her, I began eating her pussy like it was a sweet kiwi, going after all that juice that was leaking for me, doing my best to suck her dry.

As I rubbed circles on her g-spot with my fingers, I firmly sucked her clit as her legs began quivering. “Ford… pleeeaaase. Oh my God!”

Within seconds of her calling on the Lord, she released her orgasm. Her creamy goodness slid down my throat and chin as I continued to feast on her soft flesh. I would never get enough of her. No way, no how. When I pulled away from her, I slowly wiped my hand down my chin, then slid on top of her. “Damn, I love your flavor.”

“Let me taste it then.”

I lowered my lips to hers and slid my tongue in her mouth, giving her all she could handle. The way she sucked my lips, I would have liked to think that she loved her flavor too. When I pulled away from her, she reached over to the nightstand. I lifted off her some so she could get what she was searching for. She came back with a shiny, gold packet and handed it to me. I didn’t waste any time strapping up. Staring into her eyes, I knew this woman was for me. We would be together for the long haul. When family didn’t have my back, having Giánni made everything worth it.

When I entered her paradise, I shuddered as her heat encompassed me. I could barely keep my composure as I stroked her hot box. Her moans and light nail scratches on my back only propelled me forward. “Ford… yeeeesss. You feel so good inside of me. Shiiiit!”

“Mm. Yeah, baby. This my shit now.”

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19 feb 2023

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