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You Know This Your Dick...

Listen... y'all are in for a treat with these nasty individuals! LOL! Seneca and Kaysyn had passionate interactions throughout this entire book. Give Me Permission will be available tomorrow, 1/13/2023, but it's not too late to preorder so you can get it at midnight! Here's the link!

After tying the belt tightly, I opened the door to see a shirtless Seneca. I had to have lost all the color in my face. He brushed right past me, and I hurriedly shut the door. “What are you doing?” I asked as he pulled me to him and gripped my ass.

I fought against him, but my pussy had to be leaking. The thought that he’d just been with another woman gave me the strength to fight him away from me. I stared at him as I huffed. He was drunk. “Come on, Kay Baby. I know you miss me. I fucking miss you, baby.”

“Seneca, you need to leave. We can’t do this. Besides, didn’t you just fuck somebody?”

“Naw. I couldn’t even go through with it. My dick wouldn’t stay hard, because the woman I really want is three huts down. Kaysyn, put me out my fucking misery, baby. You know this your dick.”

He dropped his basketball shorts, revealing my weakness. My eyes swept over every inch of his slender and slightly defined, dark chocolate body. His faded hair cut and flawless beard to his size fourteen feet had captivated me and damn near had me salivating. He walked closer to me as he bit his bottom lip. His grill caught my attention, and it was something that I loved on him. He knew that.

His dick had ruined me. When he got close to me, I went to my knees and slurped that black mamba into my mouth. “Ahh fuck!” he yelled.

He threaded his fingers through my wet hair then held it on top of my head as he watched me take from him what I wanted. Seeing his dick hanging there, I knew I had lost the standoff. Seneca couldn’t just respect my wishes, and it was because he knew I was a fucking fiend over his dick. I deep throated it unashamedly as I stared up at him.

Before he could nut, he pulled me up from the floor and pushed me against the wall. He lifted my left leg into the crook of his arm and grabbed my neck with his other hand then kissed my lips. My pants were the only sounds being heard, and I was at the point of begging him to fill me up. His hand slid from my neck, and he untied my robe, allowing it to fall open. He licked his lips at the sight of my breasts then immediately brought his mouth to it.

He sucked my nipple slowly but firmly then swirled his tongue around it. When he released it, he penetrated my folds, and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. “Oh shit!” I said as I dropped my head back to the wall.

“Mm… you know I love this wet shit. Quit running from me, Kay. Fuck! Tell me how much you need this dick.”

I panted as my orgasm coated his dick that quickly. There was no way I could form intelligible words at the moment. It was impossible. “Yo’ pussy need me, girl. She fucking excited about my presence.”

He pulled out of me then led me to the bed. I lay in it and spread my legs for him as I anticipated feeling his tongue on my clit. He slowly made his way to me, hovering over my body. When he kissed my lips, I felt the gush from my lower lips. The way this man ruled my body should have been unlawful.

His tongue stroked my mouth in ways that promised me a time I wouldn’t soon forget. There wasn’t an encounter with Seneca that I could ever forget. He was eight years younger than me, but damn if he wasn’t years ahead of me sexually. He pulled away from me and kissed and sucked his way to the main attraction. He didn’t waste time when he got there. His tongue landed right on my clit, taking me to outer space, because I saw fucking stars.

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